Altbeau is an online shopping platform that is specialised on east european and german lighting of the 20th century, mostly the DDR era (ancient east german communist regim from the 1950's till 1989). Basically, you will find on Altbeau a lot of original lamps that come from Berlin and its region. They are entirely restored, technically checked but not changed in their substance as we aim to provide genuine and authentic artifacts that are reflecting a certain part of history.

Our lamps come from industrial factories, ancient buildings, and rural areas and we try as much as possible to identify their origin, production period and context. You will find these informations below each lamp picture, with the description of its size and material.

These lamps are history objects. The communist political era from where they come exists no more, so they can have sign of wear and look a bit old and used but we garanty that they are technically OK and in good condition.





Beside to find and restore old lamps in our Berlin studio, we provide as well a support for interior designers and decorators. We already worked with different hotels, restaurants and offices all around the world and would love to think together with you about how to find a special lighting solution for your space.

If you have any inquirie about a lamp, we do as well organise research to find one or several exemplary of it. 
Any question, just ask!


Payment on Altbeau's shop go through Paypal, eather with your paypal account or simply with your credit card. We will not use your personnal informations for any other purpose than invoicing and shipping what you bought. If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, you will have to do it yourself, here : http://www.altbeau.com/contact


We will ship your package between 2 and 4 days after you ordered and will provide you a tracking number from our shipping partner, DHL.

We ship all lamps in reinforced cardboard with special packing material. Packing is for us an important part of the deal and you must receive an object in perfect condition, as if you would have get it straight from our place.
Nevertheless, it can sometimes happen that lamp arrive with breaks due to shipping mistreatment. If this happens, we will rimbourse it or change it for free. Before that, if you'll receive a package visibly damaged from the outside, refuse it, fill a form and contact us.

Shipment rates (including packaging) have to be added to the price of the lamps.
(delivery take usually about a week for Europe, and can reach 2 to 3 weeks for the rest of the world) 

Packaging under 5 kg - Europe : 17€
Packaging under 5 kg - Rest of the world : 36€

Pacakging more than 5kg - Europe : 22€
Pacakging more than 5kg - Rest of the world : 47€

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Feel free to contact us at altbeau.berlin(at)gmail.com

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